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SC Day 7 Tokyo: Hocker In, Centro OUT, US 4x100 Debacle, Pressure & 5k Preview

2 months ago

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Video of show here

  • Start Men's 1500 & Changing of Guard
  • 16:02 How will 1500 final play out?
  • 31:26 What happened with/ happens to Centro?
  • 40:39 US Men coming up short - Rojo's says it's not doomsday
  • 42:10 Did Grant Holloway choke?
  • 47:30 Men's 400 Final / Pressure on Favorites/ Ryan Crouser, Nick Willis comments
  • 54:31 US 4x100 Debacle
  • 71:17 Men's 5000 Final Preview
  • 85:06 Women's 1500 / Betting Odds/ Athing Mu home or 4x4?

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