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Dr. Michael Joyner + Backyard Ultra Controversy + Olympic Qualifying Cancelled + Eugene 2022 + American GOAT Brackets

a year ago

Running news for the running fan

Olympic qualifying is cancelled till December 2020, Eugene 2022 has its dates, Michael Wardian wins the Quarantine Backyard Ultra in controversial fashion (full podcast with Wardian here), the Greatest American Distance Runner brackets are underway, runners are getting arrested for running, we discover Madeline Manning, and whose career would you rather have Dathan Ritzenhein or Evan Jager?

Dr. Michael Joyner (71:02), the man who predicted the sub 2 hour marathon, is our special guest. The former University of Arizona runner, now has much bigger things on his hands being one of the leaders of the National COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Project (CCPP19) which is trying to come up with better treatments for COVID-19. He talks about how being a runner prepared him for this task. If you'd like more info on CCPP19 or have tested positive for COVID19 and would like to donate plasma click here.

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Show notes:
3:33 Olympic qualifying suspended until December
11:21 Eugene 2022 set for July
17:39 LRC poster GGGGG arrested for running
20:56 Michael Wardian wins Covid-19 Backyard Ultra in controversial fashion
42:39 Greatest American Distance Running Voting underway. Ritz vs Jager
59:11 Praise and love for Madeline Manning
66:00 Steve Prefontaine vs Bob Kennedy + Brojo's and Bob Kennedy's parents and Gebrselassie at 1996 Olympics
69:18 Message board post of week
71:02 Special guest: Dr. Michael Joyner
Bill Gates TED Talk here

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