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The Week the Marathon Broke: Eliud Kipchoge Goes Sub 2 Hours (1:59:41), Brigid Kosgei 2:14:04 + US Olympic Marathon Trials Preview

4 months ago

What a week for marathon running

This week the marathon was conquered and we’re still in shock.

Eliud Kipchoge went sub 2 hours (1:59:41) and Brigid Kosgei ran 2:14:04 to crush Paula Radcliffe’s world record. We try to put the runs in perspective, have a ton of Nike shoe talk, and look ahead to the US Olympic Marathon Trials. A bunch of American men ran fast in Chicago and Galen Rupp DNF’d. Is Rupp in trouble for the Trials? What about Jordan Hasay, Shalane Flanagan, Amy Cragg of Des Linden?

Plus Lebron James China talk, some hot (NSFW) audio from a caller, and some Mo Farah and Paula Radcliffe talk.

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Show notes: 1:13 Rojo said sub 2 hr marathon wouldn’t happen in 2013. It did, what does it mean + shoe talk.
25:35 Thread of Week: Adjusting Top-Lists To Account For The Shoes
31:06 Brigid Kosgei 2:14:04- what a run, Paula’s reaction, and Brigid's agent.
40:17 Agent of the Week: Davor Savija
47:09 LeBron James China, Hong Kong and Nike
54:48 Is Galen Rupp in trouble for Olympic Marathon Trials?
61:10 Is Mo Farah a marathoner?
63:52 The American women in Chicago were led by Emma Bates and who are your favorites for Olympic Marathon Trials? Will any of the big 4- Shalane Flanagan, Amy Cragg, Joran Hasay or Des Linden make the team? More praise for Sarah Hall
76:10 Olympic Marathon moves to Sapporo
82:55 Voicemail of the Week: A must listen

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