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Track is Back + Guest Jim Walmsley & Sub 4 History for Nick Willis

4 months ago

Happy Democracy Day! Jim Walmsley joins us at 90:07 to look back at his 2020, look ahead at his 2021, and his 100k world record chance this weekend at the HOKA Project Carbon X2.

Prior to that, track and field was back in a big way as Athing Mu began her collegiate career in style, Hugues Fabrice Zango broke the triple jump record, HS girls ran 2:02 and 9:47, an Olympic champ gets popped, 16 year-old Erriyon Knighton turned pro, Alexa Efraimson has a new coach, and Nick WIllis made sub 4 minute mile history.

Andrew Bumbalough joined us at 4:24 to discuss his career, retirement, Bowerman, whether Evan Jager should leave Jerry, supershoes, and his work with PWURE, the data-driven nutrition company.

PWURE crafts on-demand pre- and post-run shakes with data from your fitness tracker and an online Q&A to determine which amounts and ratios of carbohydrates, protein and other nutrients are the most efficient to improve your performance and optimize your recovery. 82% of their users have seen performance improvement after one month. All their formulas are sustainable and crafted on-demand in their Lab in Brooklyn, NY. Click here and use code "Nextlevel" to save 20% off your first month from PWURE.com

  1. Links from Jim Walmsley: The Greatest 100km
  2. Germany Ultra Running Statistic Site

Show notes:

  • 4:24 Andrew Bumbalough on Retirement, PWURE, Bowerman (Sponsored by PWURE.com)
  • 18:10 What a Weekend led by Athing Mu
  • 27:48 Audio of Week: Blood Testing at Marathon Project
  • 31:58 World Record in Triple Jump
  • 35:17 Efraimson Joins Zombie NOP and Pete Julian
  • 50:18 Nick Willis Sub 4 History
  • 56:55 High School Girls Running Fast
  • 66:16 Joseph Biden is the 46th President of the United States
  • 67:53 Runner Tom Brady
  • 69:52 Brianna Rollins-McNeal charged with doping violation
  • 75:20 16 year-old Erriyon Knighton signs with adidas
  • 80:38 Job prospects for 30 year-old runners/ Mark Wetmore story
  • 90:07 Jim Walmsley Talk

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