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2022 Year in Review and LetsRun.com Awards

3 months ago

2022 is almost in the books. Fans returned to meets, Eugene hosted Worlds, Allyson Felix retired but Syd the Kid and Athing Mu took up the slack, and women's marathoning went to another level. We had some great and crazy races and controversies, and the LetsRun crew is here to recap it all.

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Show notes below.

  • 2:35 Sex of Wejo's baby #2 revealed on the air
  • 10:15 Why no New Year's bash at Armory or New Balance track?
  • 12:28 Doping Bust of the Year
  • 21:41 Race of Year
  • 34:48 Biggest choke/ disappointment of 2022
  • 43:44 Distance runner of the year
  • 52:03 US distance runner of the year
  • 59:39 Greatest US distance disappointments
  • 66:19 WTF / Craziest thing to happen his year
  • 76:00 Breakout athlete of year / More Craziness / Devon Allen DQ
  • 82:22 Our advice to World Athletics
  • 87:20 US distance race of year / some love for Athing Mu
  • 90:32 Breakout athlete of the year
  • 97:01 What will we remember 10 years from now?
  • 108:12 Jon's coolest moment of year
  • Links: Runner's Diarrhea thread
  • Budapest Worlds tickets are a bargain
  • Devon Allen DQ data

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