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Galen Rupp is Baack, Mary Cain Sues Nike for $20 Million, Emma Bates Impresses, CJ Albertson Entertains, and RIP Agnes Tirop

1 year ago

The Chicago and Boston double is done and Galen Rupp is baaack, but Jordan Hasay most definitely isn't. We break it down & praise CJ Albertson, Emma Bates, and Nell Rojas, not to mention your winners Ruth Chepngetich, Diana Kipyokei, Seifu Tura, and Benson Kipruto.

Former World Cross Country champ Agnes Tirop was tragically murdered in Kenya and we pay our respects.

Mary Cain is suing Nike and Alberto Salazar for $20 million!?!

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  • Order of show (Supporters Club members get timestamps for everything below)
  • 20th anniversary of Rojo's greatest athletic accomplishment goes unnoticed
  • Chicago women: Ruth Chepngetich was ahead of Chris Derrick in Chicago / Emma Bates impresses
  • Chicago men: Tura Wins &pod Rupp is Baack
  • How fast can Rupp go? / What's next
  • Which would you rather be American record holder or World Champion?
  • Ian Butler turns around and runs the wrong way in Chicago / What's the craziest thing you've seen in a race? thread here + Look at 1904 Olympic marathon
  • 38:16 Boston - CJ Albertson steals the show
  • Benson Kipruto Impresses
  • Diana Kipyokei (not Kipyogei) wins, ageless Ednah Kiplagat 2nd
  • Unsponsored Nell Rojas 1st American
  • Jordan Hasay bombs
  • Shalane Flanagan double
  • RIP Agnes Tirop
  • 78:15 Mary Cain sues Nike for $20 million
  • Cowboys Patriots

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