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Cancel Everything ? NCAA Indoor Track Preview Podcast

2 years ago

A trip around the running world

The coronavirus is sweeping across the running world. Will everything be cancelled? What about the Boston and London Marathons? Plus another look at the Olympic Marathon Trials, some interesting results from Japan from Mao Ichiyama thanks to a switch in shoes and a preview the 2020 NCAA Indoor Track and Field meet.

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Show notes:
Start Will everything in the running world be cancelled?
19:41 Mao Ichiyama runs 2:20 in Naogya thanks to the Alphafly. Should the US Olympic Marathon Trials mimic the Marathon Grand Championships?
36:44 Is Des Linden blue collar? Last few miles of Olympic Marathon Trials revisited
39:30 25 minute TV interview with Galen Rupp
47:30 Drug cheat wins US 15k Champs
59:19 Chinese man runs ultra marathon in his living room
62:45 NCAA Indoor Preview. Fast miles, Can Dani Jones really pull the 800/ mile double? Ben Thomas and Oregon men. Sunglasses indoors.
90:57 Rojo gets recognized at the park

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