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Mo Farah is Back, Marathon & 10k Madness in Valencia, Turkey Trot Recaps

10 months ago

Gobble, gobble: your weekly rundown of the running world from LetsRun.com

Mo Farah announced he's making a big return to the 10,000m for the Tokyo Olympics. The man he'll have to beat for gold Joshua Cheptegei got the 10k road world record in Valencia. The marathon times were so fast in Valencia we wonder if it should be a major. Vaporfly talk, Alberto Salazar talk, NXN vs Foot Locker talk and more.

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Show notes:
Start: Greatness in Valenica: 10k World Record by Joshua Cheptegei + Madness in Marathon
23:15 Save $100 on Normatec Recovery Systems / Rojo's Thanksgiving Run
28:01 Mo Farah
34:22 Alberto Salazar segment of the week
42:52 Zara Hyde Peters resigns
45:58 Eric Jenkins beats Edward Cheserek at Manchester Road Race / Edward Cheserek's citizenship quest
54:43 NXN vs Foot Locker
61:05 Moderation question of week: Should we let people discuss who has more potential Katelyn Tuohy or Sydney Masciarelli?
69:15 What is the proper role of a male pacer at end of women's race?
72:38  Deleted thread of week + Vaporfly talk
80:06 Steve Spence's 43 year old sub 5 minute mile streak is in jeopardy + Rojo praises himself

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