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Tokyo 2020 Recap: Favorite Moments, Biggest Disappointments, Biggest Surprises

2 months ago

We look back at the Olympics that almost didn't happen. The track and field action at Tokyo 2020 was incredible. Karsten Warholm, Sydney Mclaughlin, Sifan Hassan, Jakob Ingebrigtsen, and Athing Mu plus some big surprises in Courtney Frerichs and Molly Seidel.

  • Show notes: 7:30 Favorite Olympic moments. + Tamberi /Barshim Tie in High Jump
  • 20:21 Dude who knocked over all the water bottles
  • 34:50 Michael Johnson's comments/ favorites/ Hassan/ praise for Mo Farah
  • 60:59 Biggest disappointments
  • 72:49 Big surprises Parchment/ Seidel more

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