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Hobbs Kessler Crushes It, Shelby Houlihan Time Trials, and all the Top Coaches Suck

1 year ago

The Countdown to the Trials on LetsRun.com is Sponsored by On and the pre-Trials action really heated up this weekend but high schooler Hobbs Kessler stole the show with his amazing 3:34.36 1500m in Portland. Should he go pro? Will he go pro? Can he make the Olympic team?

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Shelby Houlihan is timetrialing instead of racing, is Craig Engels back, and we've got Rojo's Rant with him going off on all the coaches Jerry Schumacher, Mike Smith, Mark Wetmore, Pete Julian and more.

We break it all down, discuss King Ches running for Kenya, Francine Niysonaba becoming a 5000m runner, and high school stars Erriyon Knighton running 20.11 to defeat Trayon Bromell and Jaylen Slade's 10.09 near loss to Noah Lyles.

The 1st part of the Docuseries on the Founding of the OAC is here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4HSaRou0ak

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  • Show notes: 3:29 Hobbs Kessler 3:34. Does he turn pro? Kessler vs Nuguse vs Hocker
  • 20:56 Refreshment break from DrinkLMNT . Try yours today for $5 here https://drinklmnt.com/letsrun
  • 22:51 is Craig Engels Back?
  • 27:45 Rojo's Rant: All the coaches are frauds
  • 38:22 Shelby Houlihan 3:57 Time Trial instead of a race
  • 45:33 What event are you most excited about for NCAAs? /NCAA Regionals
  • 51:58 King Ches to try and make Kenyan 5000m team
  • 57:59 Will Coburn medal? Rojo/Jon's bet
  • 60:43 Non breaking news alert
  • 62:03 High School phenoms
  • 66:13 Dalilah Muhammad / Sydney McLaughlin update
  • 68:52 Francine Niyonsaba gets Olympic 5000m standard
  • 72:43 Olympic Trials 10,000m to have 2 sections
  • 79:57 An Olympic team has arrived in Japan

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