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NCAA x 2, Guest Bill Spaulding (The Voice of NCAA XC) + Ingebrigtsen Non DQ, Grant Fisher, Emmanuel Bor

3 months ago

Bill Spaulding, who will be the voice of NCAA Cross Country on ESPN the next 3 years joins us at 67:13 to preview the 2021 NCAA Cross Country meet, talk about his varied broadcasting career, and even broadcasting with Rojo.

Prior to that a year after COVID shut the US down, the running world has two NCAA Championships on one weekend with NCAA Indoors Friday and Saturday and NCAA Cross Country on Monday. We preview both meets and talk about Grant Fisher, Emmanuel Bor, Matthew Centrowitz, Molly Huddle and a lot more as track and field was back in force last week.

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  • Show notes: 4:26 Covid 1 Year
  • 6:38 Grant Fisher 13:02 at Sound Running / Emmanue Bor 13:05 @ Firefly 5000
  • 20:38 Malcolm Gladwell Email on Super Shoes
  • 25:25 Matthew Centrowitz most impressive 3:40 ever?
  • 28:15 Molly Huddle DNF
  • 34:44 Euro Indoor: Jackob Ingebrigtsen Double and
  • 42:12 Rojo's Rant on Oregon XC
  • 47:00 Ethiopian Marathon Trials
  • 48:58 Jordan Hasay 74 Minute Half Marathon
  • 50:01 NCAA Indoor Preview
  • 67:13 Bill Spaulding The Voice of NCAA Cross Country

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