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A Tale of 2 Marathoners, The Kiss, Discrimination is Bad Plus Positive Press for Christian Coleman

1 year ago

A Tale of 2 Marathoners: Jordan Hasay runs 74:27 for the half marathon. 17-year-old Tierney Wolfgram runs 2:31:49 to crush the American junior record in the marathon.

Clemson cuts its men's track team and we remind you discrimination is bad. Christian Coleman gets some positive press, we have some covid spring marathon talk, and tell you why Eliud Kipchoge needs to run New York.

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We end with part II of Matt Hart interview on his book Win at All Costs: Inside Nike Running and Its Culture of Deception (review here) on Jerry Schumacher being a background source for the book + the alleged Alberto Salazar attempted Kiss on Kara Goucher. Part 1 Here. Buy Win at All Costs here.

Show notes:
6:46 Jordan Hasay's 74:27 Half Marathon *Sarah Lorge Butler Article
16:35 We need a spring major marathon
19:58 America's race cancelled
26:48 William & Mary reinstated, Clemson cancelled
37:15 Discrimination (vs men) is wrong
41:46 College XC beer is here
43:08 Tierney Wolfgram 2:31:49 marathon
49:06 Steve Bartold (Wejo's college coach) RIP
56:38 Kipchoge needs to run NY
66:48 Christian Coleman's case gets NY Times coverage
73:08 Thyroid & Tommy Hughes
78:35 Kara Goucher and alleged Alberto Salazar Kiss
82:43 Part II Of Matt Hart Interview on the alleged Alberto Salazar attempted Kiss on Kara Goucher, Jerry Schumacher and more. Part 1 Here. Buy Win at All Costs book here.

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