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World Track and Field Champs 2019 Doha Preview Podcast + Kenenisa Bekele in Berlin

7 months ago

Doha World athletics champs preview podcast

The LRC crew is on the plane to the World Track and Field / Athletics Championships in Doha.

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The LetsRun team breaks down the World Champs with an emphasis on the action the first 4 days. Will Christian Coleman be the fastest man in the world? Can Ajee Wilson handle the pressure of being the biggest women’s favorite? Should Jakob Ingebrigtsen be the betting favorite in the 5,000? What chances do Courtney Frerichs and Colleen Quigley have for steeple gold? Will Karsten Warholm, Rai Benjamin or Samba triumph in the 400m hurdles? Who you got Shelly Ann Frase Pryce or Elaine Thompson in 100?

Show notes:
(You can find all the LRC Worlds coverage with previews here: https://www.letsrun.com/events/2019-iaaf-world-track-and-field-championships-doha/
4:32 Men’s 5k: Jakob Ingebrigtsen is the betting favorite!? What about Mo Ahmed?
9:57 Big Opening 4 Days: Men’s & Women’s 100, Men’s 5k, Women’s 10k (Hassan vs Obiri), Women’s Steeple, Men’s 400m Hurdles
15:46 Women's Steeple: Quigley and Frerichs vs Chepkoech
25:03 How many medals for America in the women's 800? Is Ajee Wilson really and 80% favorite?
27:15 Betting favorites and men's and women's 100 (LRC dress code, media 800)
44:08 Men's 400 Hurdles
55:34 Sifan Hassan: does she go for greatness?
61:50 Noah Lyles world record talk?
64:30 Could Usain Bolt have made it in the NFL?
68:44 Women’s Marathon is LOADED at Worlds
75:15 BMW Berlin Marathon: Is Kenenisa Bekele done?

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