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Guest Ken Goe Retires and Talks Alberto & Nike, + Manangoi Accepts Blame, Kipruoto in Trouble

1 year ago

Ken Goe, the long-time track and field writer for the Oregonian retired after 43 years and joined us at 73:45 to talk his career, the state of track and field, and of course everything Nike including Alberto Salazar, Phil Knight, and Vin Lananna.

Prior to that Elijah Manangoi accepts blame for a doping offense, Conseslus Kipruto is charged with serious crimes in Kenya (statutory rape), doping conspiracies are unanimously illegal in US Congress, Sara Hall's deleted thread of week and marathon chances, James Li retires and a lot more including a few Rojo's rants.

Plus, Rojo asks Wejo if he thinks Paula Radcliffe is clean or like Trevor Bauer. Wejo is answering this question in a private Supporters Club only AMA.

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