Sean Brosnan Coach of Nico Young, Tokyo Cancelled, Webb vs Centro vs Symmonds,

4 years ago

The coach of the #1 runner and #1 high school team in America is our special guest.

The Tokyo Olympics are officially postponed and we break down what it means and talk about how the running world is adapting. Plus, we start the debate of who is the best distance runner of all-time, show our love for Alan Webb, have Rojo's rant and special Sean Brosnan., who is arguably the top high school coach in America right now (he coaches the NXN boys team champion Newbury Park and individual champ Nico Young)

Brosnan talks what his runners are doing with the coranvirus shutdown and his rise to the top of coaching ranks in 4 quick years. Prior to coaching Brosnan was a journeyman runner who picked the brains of Alberto Salazar, Jerry Schumacher, Scott Simmons, Joe Vigil, Brad Hudson and many more. He's the new Kevin Bacon of the running world.

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Detailed show notes:
7:02 Toyko postponed and what it means for 2021, 2022...
10:08 Noah Lyles likes off years
16:50 Pro runners and everyone else are adopting dogs, Paul Chelimo (video) and Jordan Hasay (video) entertain on Social media.
22:37 USAs in 2020 in Eugene?
24:50 Rojo's rant
28:11 Greatest American distance runner of all-time brackets coming
33:04 Email of week on multiple of 6 challenge
39:01 Whose career would you rather have Alan Webb or Nick Symmonds?
Who would win in a one-off race Webb or Matthew Centrowitz?
48:08 Crazy doping stories
50:57 Big interview with Sean Brosnan who in 4 years has gone from not coaching to
63:51 The college recruiting process and how involved was he in talking to Mike Smith and Mark Wetmore?
66:06 Picking the top coaches' minds: Alberto Salazar, Mike Smith, Joe Vigil, Scott Simmons, Jerry Schumacher, Steve Scott...
70:45 Sean's running career and how he got started in coaching and thought about quitting in year 1
82:18 Why are high school kids so fast today?
End: His team's training, drills, when he first met Nico, criticism and more....

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