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Conference Craziness, Nairobi & Sha'Carri, Olympic tennis champ Monica Puig (guest)

6 months ago

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Sha'Carri Richardson turned heads in Doha and so did 18-year-old Reynaold Cheruiyot. We break down Doha and turn to the crazy conference action with impressive performances by Britton Wilson, Jaydon Hibbert, Parker Valby, and Colin Sahlman.

Where is Athing Mu?

Monica Puig, the total "Dreams Become Reality" 2016 Olympic tennis champion joins us at 99:29 to talk about her new love of running, her marathon training, and of course her win at the 2016 Olympics.

  • Show notes:
  • 02:17 Rojo unboxing
  • 08:51 Kip Keino classic
  • 10:41 Sha'Carri Richardson continues to impress
  • 17:01 Sha'Carri #1 in World?
  • 22:54 18-year-old Reynold Cheruiyot the next 1500m star?
  • 25:17 Two weeks USATF LA Grand Prix- Tim Cheruiyot vs Reynold Cheruiyot vs Cole Hawker vs Cooper Teare
  • 31:40 Conference Craziness
  • 31:51 ACC DQ controversy
  • 41:22 Katelyn Tuohy 10k debut
  • 46:16 SEC meet - Britton Wilson unbelievable, World 4x1, 4x4 Leads, 18-Year Old Jaydon Hibbert
  • 52:54 Britton Wilson best shot at Worlds - 400 or 400 hurdles?
  • 58:21 Parker Valby impresses
  • 01:08:41 Washington ends Oregon's 15 year win streak at Pac 12s as Joe Waskom triples and scores 0 points
  • 01:16:48 Does Jerry get a pass at Oregon in year #1?
  • 01:24:37 Colin Sahlman beats Nico Young
  • 01:27:52 LA Grand Prix in 2 weeks is loaded
  • 01:31:42 Where is Athing Mu?
  • 99:29 Guest Monica Puig
  • 01:39:29 Dreams Become Reality: 2016 Olympic chamipon in tennis (and now marathon runner) Monica Puig
  • 01:45:12 Running Boston
  • 01:50:45 Why did she start running?
  • 01:56:08 Her Training
  • 02:06:07 Does she still play tennis?
  • 02:07:36 Meeting Kipchoge
  • 02:13:39 Tennis Talk - her unbelievable Olympic gold
  • 02:24:32 Ideas to make track more popular
  • 02:27:26 How sponsorships work in tennis

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