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Guest Olympic Marathoner Molly Seidel, Shelby Houlihan 14:23, Moh Ahmed 12:47, Lyles and Felix Fast

6 months ago

Bowerman Track Club Runs Fast

Former NCAA star Molly Seidel, the barista who made the Olympic marathon team in her first marathon, joins us at 59:09 to talk about what she's been up to since her incredible run. LRC Profile here.

Shelby Houlihan and Moh Ahmed rewrote the American and Canadian record books at the Bowerman Track Club 5,000s. We've got a new shoe controversy. We're down to one Major Marathon. Plus Renato Canova's thread of the week, Rojo goes into the archives, and email on Jon's dating life.

Full show notes Start: Shelby 14:23, Moh 14:27
8:44 Rojo's Rant: Mick Byrne is a good coach
12:59 Shoe controversy is back: Dragonfly edition
20:38 How fast can Joshua Cheptegei run in Monaco?
26:04 Renato Canova Message Board Thread of Week: Does this show fast times are possible without doping?
36:32 Inspiration Games: Noah Lyles 18.90 and Allyson Felix > Shaunae Miller-Uibo
45:12 London Marathon is only major left standing
49:33 Bowerman rest of year?! Matthew Centrowitz update
55:09 Email on Jon's dating life
58:47 Molly Seidel

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