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HOKA NAZ Elite men break up, how fast will women go in 2022?, 2024 Olympians + should high schoolers be running 100 miles per week?

11 months ago

The HOKA NAZ Elite men have broken up, we have an explanation on how Geoffery Kamworor only ran 2:05 in the marathon, covid wreaks some havoc on New Year's running plans and we look ahead to 2022 and 2024.

Could we see our first sub 14 5k, sub 29 10k, and sub 3:50 1500 by a woman? Christian Coleman and Asbel Kiprop return and should a high schooler be running 100 mpw? Show notes below.

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  • 1:13 XMas chit chat
  • 6:28 Geoffery Kamworor explains how he "only" ran 2:05
  • 8:32 Scott Fauble (to Joe Bosshard), Rory Linkletter (to Ryan hall), Scott Smith (retires) leave HOKA NAZ Elite
  • 21:52 Reminder 45 Japanese men have been sub 2:10 in the marathon this year
  • 24:12 Tracksmith Midnight Gala canceled
  • 32:41 What are you most excited about in 2022? - Men's 100
  • 38:18 Men's 1500
  • 40:37 The women- could we see sub 14 (5k), sub 29 (10k) and sub 3:50 (1500) in 2022? How fast can Athing Mu go?
  • 46:24 How many Olympic medallists will repeat in 2024? - men
  • 53:02 2024 medallists - the women
  • 55:37 Which US Olympians make the team in 2024?
  • 60:15 Cross country in the Olympics?
  • 65:23 Conner Mantz marathon debut
  • 67:51 Dutch 17-year-old high schooler Axel Vang Christensen is running 100 mpw- fair or foul?

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