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Cole vs Cooper, Y2 Marathon Debut, Penn Relays 4x1 Attempt, Shelby Houlihan report, Author Jerry Bouma

3 months ago

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Yalemzerf Yehualaw's marathon debut was a smashing success, Hobbs Kessler's outdoor debut was just as Nick Willis predicted, you can win $2000 if Fred Kerley doesn't break the 100m world record, Karsten Warholm turned down $30,000 to run Pre and Brittany Brown ran 10.66 for 100m.

The 4 x mile world record is taking center stage with Cole Hocker and Cooper Teare coming up short in Oregon, and the On team giving it a go this weekend at Penn. Prediction contest here.

Plus more talk about Ross Tucker's report on the Shelby Houlihan case.

At 76:50 author Jerry Bouma joins us to talk about his new book: The Villanova Track Story: 1966-1981: Touching Greatness, Forever Together

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