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Athing Mu Superstar, Japan Broke the Marathon, Paul Chelimo AR Attempt, Ajee Wilson is Back

5 months ago

The running world is full steam ahead.

Athing Mu ran 1:58.40 to become an 800m star, Ajee Wilson ran 1:58 as well to show she is back, FORTY Japanese men ran sub 2:10 at Lake Biwa, USATF revised its Olympic Trials schedule, NCAA indoors is almost here and so is NCAA XC. Plus Rojo's Rant and Boston announces it likely will have a smaller field this year.

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Show notes:

  • 3:30 Paul Chelimo going for American record
  • 12:03 Athing Mu 1:58 Superstar
  • 21:14 Japan broke the marathon at Lake Biwa
  • 30:09 NCAA entries
  • 38:22 NAU loses conference meet
  • 44:54 USATF changes Olympic Track Trials schedule
  • 51:32 Texas Qualifier: Ajee Wilson is definitely back
  • 60:04 Rojo's Rant: Marc Scott skipping European champs for a time trial meet
  • 64:30 Boston Marathon says it likely will have smaller field this year

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