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NYC: Jepchirchir Makes History, Seidel Impresses, Drew Hunter BAACK + Guest Elkanah Kibet Living the American Dream

1 year ago

We look back at the 2021 New York City Marathon

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The 50th NYC Marathon is in the books and Albert Korir (Who?!) is your World Marathon Majors Champion, Peres Jepchirchir is a superstar, and Molly Seidel is a really damn good marathoner.

What's up with Kenenisa Bekele and a high schooler in Michigan DQ'd for using a profanity in celebration?

Is Drew Hunter really baaack?

We end with an interview with Elkanah Kibet @76:59 who is living the American Dream, having run a "monumental race" to PR and finish as the 4th placer in New York and 1st American. His journey to America was almost meant to be and traces back to Daniel Komen and Stephen Cherono.

Show notes:

  • 9:50 Albert who?
  • 19:27 Ben True/ Nathan Martin
  • 27:18 Annie Frisbie
  • 29:45 Molly Seidel brings it again
  • 39:56 What about Kenenisa Bekele?
  • 48:57 US 5k Champs Drew Hunter is Baaack!? And persecuted?
  • 59:42 Centro
  • 61:39 12:52 5k on the Roads
  • 64:47 Profanity DQ in Michigan. Article here
  • 75:55 What I learned on the forums: marriage is hell. why haven't we figured out an alternative?
  • 76:59 Elkanah Kibet 1st American in New York, living the American Dream
  • 76:69-85:59 The race in NY
  • 86:00 The training/getting back in WCAP
  • 101:15 “This was monumental”
  • 109:00 Daniel Komen/ Stephen Cherono & The Dream of America

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