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Good, Bad, and the Ugly of World Indoors, NYC Half, Serbia, and that Cooper Teare, Cole Hocker Time Trial

3 months ago

Marcell Jacobs and Christian Coleman gave the sport what it wanted in the 60, Ajee' Wilson finally was golden, and Elle Purrier impressed at World Indoors. Plus a few athletes may have gotten wake-up calls, insights from the NYC Half on Sara Hall, Galen Rupp and others, and that time trial that Cooper Teare and Cole Hocker ran.

We end with Supporters Club audio of Jon and Rojo's night out in Serbia on the LetsRun.com credit card.

Show notes below.

Links: 1. Thread: Biggest Winners/Losers from World Indoors. 2. Geordie Beamish interview. 3. World indoors interviews.

  • 10:30 Big Picture takeaways from World Indoors
  • 17:58 American get 3 distance medals - good, bad or as expected?
  • 22:27 Biggest winners from Worlds
  • 28:08 Marcell Jacobs a big winner as was Christian Coleman
  • 36:49 Biggest losers?! - Isaiah Harris?, Gabriela Debues-Stafford?, Ollie Hoare?
  • 51:23 Ajee' Wilson lifetime achievement gold medal
  • 52:32 Athing Mu's instagram post, Gloria Gaynor, and Wejo bombing on a DMR anchor
  • 61:33 Takeaways from being in Serbia
  • 68:46 NYC Half Marathon. Videos
  • 86:11 Asbel Kiprop returns with 1:56 800?
  • 90:04 Cooper Teare 13:06, Cole Hocker 13:08 in a race with 3 finishers. Athletes chasing standards instead of racing world indoors
  • 100:59 Rojo and Jon's St. Patrick's day in Serbia & the woman at the bar

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