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Rest in Peace Peter Snell, Foot Lockers, Alberto, The Decade

9 months ago

Olympic and Kiwi legend Peter Snell has passed. Kiwi Running Show podcast host Hayden Shearman joins us to give his insight on Snell, the athlete of the last century in New Zealand.

Update: Peter Snell's biography No Bugles, No Drums is now available on kindle here.

We discuss Foot Lockers and debate Zofia Dudek vs Kately Tuohy, give praise to podcast listener Josh Methner for his run away victory. Alberto Salazar = the possible person of the decade? Des Linden running Olympic Trials and Boston, + club nats and Tuohy, Mary Cain, and Tinman elite, race of decade, and threads of week. Full notes below.

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Show notes:
0:00 Peter Snell
8:36 Foot Lockers
21:05 Weekly Vaporfly Segment / David Graham won’t be doing Marathon World Rankings because of shoes / Tim Tollefson's tweet
31:46 Alberto Salazar segment of week / Person of the decade?
39:48 Who is the father, son and holy spirit of LetsRun podcast?
43:04 Des Linden Olympic Trials/ Boston double
51:36 Hayden Shearman of Kiwi Running Show podcast on Peter Snell
69:34 Race of Decade
78:51 Threads of Week (click for each) / Katelyn Tuohy/ Mary Cain/ Morgan Pearson/ Tinman Elite at Club Nats / Jim Walmsley's training week / Cheaterfly's & Rupp
87:57 In which pro sport is an amateur exposed the quickest?

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