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So Close, So Far, and Super Agent Paul Doyle on American Track League

5 months ago

Super-agent Paul Doyle is our guest at 60:06 and he talks the debut and future of the American Track League and why he may have half his net worth invested in it.

Prior to that we look back at Mary Cain, Kara Goucher and the allegations against Alberto Salazar and the NOP and look ahead to a crazy fall marathon schedule before turning to last week's action.

Jim Walmsley, (the guest last week on the Track Talk podcast) ran for 6 hours and just missed the 100km world record by 12 seconds at HOKA Project Carbon X, Ryan Crouser go the shot put world record, and Christian Noble of Lee (Tenn.) University got a collegiate record and sent his teammates into a frenzy.

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Show notes:

  • 7:11 NOP, Alberto Salazar, Mary Cain, Kara Goucher on HBO Sports
  • 15:39 Boston Marathon has a date (and it’s 1 day after Chicago and 8 after London)
  • 18:28 Are the Tokyo Olympics in jeopardy?
  • 27:51 Oh so close: Jim Walmsley runs for 6 hours and misses the 100km world record by 12 seconds
  • 38:14 Oh so far: Ryan Crouser world record
  • 40:27 Christian Noble 13:37 DII record and crazy reaction video
  • 46:21 Michigan pauses sports for 2 weeks
  • 52:00 Email of Week
  • 57:34 RAK Half is STACKED
  • 60:06 Paul Doyle

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