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Grant Fisher (Guest) American Record Podcast

3 months ago

America's new distance superstar Grant Fisher joins us to talk all about his 12:53 5,000 and 26:33 10,000m American records.

What was Grant's mindset heading into the race, during the race, and where does he go from here? When did the record attempts come about, how tough is it to join Jerry Schumacher's Bowerman Track Club, has he heard from Galen Rupp and a ton more?

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  • Show notes:
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  • 1:00 DrinkLMNT.com/letsrun (ad) - Electrolytes without the junk
  • 1:43 The record, how it came about
  • 10:29 Woody Kincaid's pacing / wavelight
  • 17:32 Grant's mindset in race
  • 21:46 What happens after the race, celebrating on the beach?
  • 24:34 Rojo asks about drugs
  • 30:05 Has he heard from Galen Rupp?
  • 35:24 Super spikes
  • 39:54 5k or 10k?
  • 47:17 Tokyo Olympics
  • 50:59 How tough is it joining Bowerman and the story of the ugly duckling
  • 59:56 Is Jerry Schumacher a control freak?
  • 62:58 Where's Centro?
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