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NCAA XC Preview, Shelby Houlihan Road Racer?, Turkey Trot Costs, New Transgender Guidelines

6 months ago

We preview the 2021 NCAA Cross Country Championships, talk about who might go pro, have a little transgender talk, discuss whether Shelby Houlihan is going to become a road racer, and debate how much a Turkey Trot should cost. Show notes below.

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  • Show notes (Join the Supporters Club for bonus audio and full time stamps)
  • 1:45 NCAA XC Men's Individual Preview + Would Nico Young go pro if he wins?
  • NCAA XC Men's Team Preview
  • Fake Mike Smith
  • 37:14 NCAA XC Women's Individual Preview
  • NCAA XC Women's Team Preview
  • We predict the Michigan Ekiden results
  • 56:34 IOC New transgender guidelines (rate and review us 5 stars please on itunes)
  • How much should a Turkey Trot cost?
  • Shelby Houlihan half-marathon/ marathon runner?

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