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Runners of the Decade: Eliud Kipchoge, Caster Semenya, Jenny Simpson and Matthew Centrowitz

9 months ago

Naughty or nice? A crazy decade of running and track and field is in the books.

The end of the year and decade is here and the LetsRun.com crew pays its respects to a crazy decade in the running world.

LetsRun.com announces its men’s and women’s runners of the decade: Eliud Kipchoge and Caster Semenya and US distance runners of decade Matthew Centrowitz and Jenny Simpson.

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Show notes: Race of Decade down to 2: David Rudisha vs Eliud Kipchoge
7:16 Alysia Montaño alleges misogyny in Race of Decade voting
25:44 High School Cross Country: Sofia Dudek 1a - Katelyn Tuohy 1b per Dyestat, NC State gets big recruiting class w Marlee Starliper and Tuohy, Nico Young to NAU
40:29 Chad Hall 1:03 Half Marathon
44:52 What was the most shocking thing in running in the last decade?
54:05 Alberto Salazar segment of week
56:40 Decade Awards: World and US athletes of decade, person of decade, doping excuse of decade, doping bust of decade and more
75:48 Rojo’s brilliant point on Alysia Montaño, misogyny, Galen Rupp and more

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