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Feds Looking at USATF, Shelby GoFundMe, Newbury Park GOAT?, Conner Mantz AR?, Weini Kelati on Fire

1 year ago

USATF is under federal investigation, Shelby Houlihan is still trying to defend herself, the Brojo's high school has an Eastbay finalist, Sean Brosnan's Newbury Park may be the best high school XC team ever, Weini Kelati is on fire, Conner Mantz may try and break the US half marathon record this weekend, and the Valencia Marathon takes place as well.

Show notes below.

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  • Show notes:
  • Start: TheRunnerBox.com use code LetsRUN21
  • 2:02 Supershoes/Turkey Trots / Eastbay Regionals - Sahil Dodda of St. Mark's 2nd
  • 12:27 Feds investigating USATF / Nike deal
  • 27:03 Weini Kelati on fire on US roads, should she move to marathon?
  • 33:48 Breaking news: Conner Mantz does not sign with LetsRun.com, but can he break American record in half marathon
  • 43:07 Geoffrey Kamworor at Valencia Marathon this weekend
  • 47:12 Newbury Park XC, the greatest high school team ever?
  • 58:55 Thread of Week: Are the Young brothers our Ingebrigtsens?
  • 64:10 Shelby Houlihan has a GoFundMe and Jon Gault spoke to her about it. Thread

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