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Jim Walmsley On His Marathon Debut at the Trials (sponsored by HOKA ONE ONE)

2 years ago

The much anticipated debut of Walmsley is almost here.

Jim Walmsley’s much anticipated marathon debut is almost here and it will be on the grandest stage the 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials in Atlanta.

Jim is a total running geek and fan of the sport so what better way to get pumped about the Trials than with a podcast. Jim talked at length about his debut, his preparations, and his chances in Atlanta.

Definitely worth a listen. Full show notes below.

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Show notes: (Note there was an issue with Jim's mic for roughly the first 12 minutes of the podcast so you may here a clicking sound when he speaks but it goes away then)
Beginning: Jim’s training and 140+ mile weeks
14:02 Jim says he’s in 2:10 shape and confident for the Trials
17:10 Jim bails on his biggest workout
22:28 The course in Atlanta 26:07 Jim’s ultrarunning plans for 2020: Comrades and UTMB. What race distance would he beat Galen Rupp?
33:34 The Trials is looking tougher than one year ago
35:16 The Nike super shoes and Jim’s new HOKA “Trials dagger” shoe for the Trials
37:37 Jim thinks the new World Athletics shoe rules were done in collusion with Nike
41:04 The popularity of Jim on LetsRun.com and Strava and his rags to riches rise
45:44 When did Jim first dream of the Olympics
48:15 Olympic Trials scenarios
50:27 Which is more likely winning Comrades, winning UTMB, making Olympic team?

Written highlights of this podcast are here Outside magazine video on Jim mentioned in podcast here *Longer 2 hour Letsrun.com podcast with Jim from May 2019 after he set 50 mile world record at Carbon X event where he talked about his start in ultra running here

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