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Gobble, Gobble: Guest Ben Rosario + Non Turkey Trot Racing with High School Star Jenna Hutchins, 36 Year-Old Keira D’Amato, JFK 50 Miler (Sponsored by The Marathon Project)

2 months ago

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Frequent guest of the podcast and possibly 2020 coach of the year, HOKA NAZ Elite coach Ben Rosario, joins us at 61:30 to discuss his team’s success in 2020, pandemic racing, and the last big marathon in America in 2020 which he is putting on, The Marathon Project. 

Prior to that we break down Keira D’Amato’s American record, Jenna Hutchins incredible high school XC time, the 2021 Diamond League schedule, the JFK 50 miler, Turkey Trots being cancelled, liquor stores being closed, and a lot more.

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