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BYU Coach Diljeet Taylor, Will Cole Hocker Go Pro?, US 15k Champs, Olympic Picks from 2018

1 year ago

BYU's Diljeet Taylor is atop the NCAA coaching ranks after her BYU Cougars won the 2020 NCAA Cross Country title, just days after her team won the DMR title and Courtney Waymont the 3000m title. Taylor's rise has followed the traditional path, and she joins us at 61:03 and talks about dreaming big, building culture, and learning from the legendary Frank Gagliano.

Prior to that we break down the latest in the running world including the US 15k Champs at the Gate River Run, and discuss whether Cole Hocker has or should have run his last race for the Oregon Ducks.

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Show notes and links

  • 4:40 Paul Chelimo Wins
  • 11:49 USATF 15k Champs: Emily Sisson and Clayton Young
  • 20:22 Maggie Montaya was barricaded in pharmacy during mass murder in Boulder. CNN Interview
  • 24:21 Jon and Robert's comical Olympic picks from 2018. Men Women
  • 32:24 Ethiopian Olympic Marathon Trials in Switzerland
  • 40:46 Has Cole Hocker run his last race for the Oregon Ducks?
  • 53:29 Dick Hoyt RIP. Great SI Profile
  • 61:03 BYU Coach Diljeet Taylor

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