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GOAT Final Four, Alicia Monson Joins Us After Turning Pro, LRC Surprise Guest

3 months ago

Frank Shorter vs Jim Ryun and Jenny Simpson vs Deena Kastor

Alicia Monson, the American star who just turned pro joins us at 68:45 to discuss her career, what it's like going pro in these crazy times and more. Prior to that we've got marathon talk, COVID talk, a special guest who gave up LetsRun.com for Lent, and the Greatest American Distance Runner Final Four Jim Ryun vs Frank Shorter and Jenny Simpson vs Deena Kastor. Plus, deleted thread of week, letsdrink.com and more. Show notes below.

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Start: Intro: Marathons in the fall? Kim Jong Un vs Trump vs Merkel at 5k
11:30 LRC surprise guest and super visitor Katie Harris joins us to discuss giving up LetsRun for Lent
27:03 Covid thoughts
32:15 Coogan's closes
36:30 GOAT Voting and Vote Tampering by Rojo: Jim Ryun v Frank Shorter, Jenny Simpson > Joan Benoit v Deena Kastor
53:00 Max Sigel Takes a Paycut, Duke getting a new coach
64:25 Frank Shorter quitter?
68:45 Alicia Monson

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