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Grant Fisher 12:46 American Record + Frank Shorter 50 Years After 1972 Olympic Marathon Gold +

18 days ago

50 Years ago Frank Shorter won the 1972 Olympic Marathon gold and changed the course of running in America. He joined us at 68:22 to look back at his magical moment, plus recount some of the sadness from the 1972 Games, talk about his training and a lot more, including Steve Prefontaine going snow skiing.

A great listen. Our talk with Frank went longer than expected so we've got a super long podcast for today as before our talk with Frank we broke down the latest professional track and field news. Show notes below.

If you'd like video of our talk with Frank we have it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SV5s4u9Zo0 (We had some audio issues early on which are more apparent in the video)

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  • Show notes: 5:35 LetsRun Forums get a shout-out on Diamond League broadcast
  • 6:41 Grant Fisher 12:46 American Record + How great is his 2022 season?
  • 9:07 Kara Goucher audio
  • 21:39 Rest of Brussels: Jake Wightman FTW 800, Ciara Mageean dreams become reality
  • 32:35 Yared Nuguse the top US 1500m runner?!
  • 42:13 Who would you rather be: Cole Hocker, Cooper Teare, Hobbs Kessler or Yared Nuguse?
  • 47:23 Keira D'Amato and Emily Sisson Impress at New Haven 20k
  • 53:50 Conner Mantz Wins and Ready for Marathon Debut
  • 58:50 Diamond League Final
  • 68:22 Frank Shorter 50th Anniversary Podcast
  • 78:26 Training with Prefontaine, focusing on strengths
  • 85:33 Rooming with Dave Wottle 1972 800m gold medallist
  • 89:22 1972 Massacre
  • 95:18 The running boom with Bill Rodgers and the crazy 1966 dual meet with Wesleyan
  • 101:50 The running camaraderie in the 1970s and how professionalization changed it
  • 108:36 Anti-doping now vs 20 years ago vs 50 years ago
  • 117:53 1976 silver, Frank thinking Waldemar Cierpinski was Carlos Lopes
  • 124:58 How fast could he run with a pacer and supershoes
  • 131:49 Telling Steve Prefontaine he was 'stupid' at 1972 Olympics
  • 136:43 Altitude training with Pre, Pre's ski accident
  • 141:41 Yale cross country and Frank dropping out of Yale-Harvard meet
  • 148:46 His running now. How fast could he run a mile now?
  • 150:28 The toughest runner he ever competed against
  • 153:15 A sample week of training
  • 160:07 What he remembers most about 1972 Olympics
  • 163:00 Frank's #1 piece of running advice

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