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Guest Ben True, Superman Grant Holloway Gets His First World Record

4 months ago

Grant Holloway break the 60m world record just prior to the podcast and we discuss his greatness, the fast times at the 10,000 in California, Katelyn Tuohy's collegiate debut, the stacked women's field in the 10,000m at the US Olympic Trials, and are joined at 62:49 by Ben True.

True discusses his 27:14 10,000m pb, trying to make the US Olympic team, being unsponsored, paying a guy $20,000 a year to workout with him and super shoes.

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  • Show notes:
  • 3:50 Grant Holloway 7.29 World Record
  • 10:52 Rest of Madrid:
  • 15:08 Super Spikes. Do times matter anymore?
  • 24:35 The 10: Marc Scott, Elise Cranny and Bowerman TC, King Ches DNF
  • 32:14 Max Siegel
  • 36:16 Kiernan Tuntivate Dreams Become Reality
  • 46:44 Does Molly Huddle not make the women's 10,000m team?
  • 57:05 Katelyn Tuohy collegiate debut
  • 60:49 Good covid news on fans in stands
  • 62:49 Ben True Interview

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