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Bowerman Drama, Boston Marathon Week, Jager & Schweizer Return, Bermuda Games

2 months ago

The Boston Marathon is almost here, pro outdoor track got underway in a big way at the USATF Bermuda Games, but the biggest story of the week is Gabriela Debues-Stafford leaving the Bowerman Track Club because of the Shelby Houlihan situation. Shelby has issued a statement in response and we break it all down, plus talk about Mt. Sac and the return of Evan Jager in the steeple and Karissa Schweizer from Achilles surgery. Show notes below.

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  • Show notes (Supporters Club member get full time stamps):
  • 2:49 Boston Marathon week is here
  • If you're interested in playing on Wejo's over 40 (goalies can be 35) soccer team wejo@letsrun.com
  • 4:43 Therabody Recovery Air - the next generation in recovery is here. Try today with a free 60 day money-back guarantee trial. https://www.therabody.com/letsrun (Sponsor)
  • 7:04 Drama at Bowerman: Gabriela Debues-Stafford leaves because of Shelby Houlihan situation, Shelby issues statement
  • USATF Windy Bermuda Games - Grant Holloway doesn't run because of wind
  • The crazy race of week - men's 1500 in Bermuda
  • Athing Mu runs 51.7 should we worry?
  • 45:44 Newbury Park rewrites Arcadia records books, yet we're disappointed?
  • Sadie Engelhardt 4:35.16
  • CU Boulder Trivia
  • 60:23 Evan Jager racing the steeple at Mt. Sac
  • Karissa Schweizer first race since Achilles surgery
  • 70:51 Boston Marathon women's mini preview
  • Boston Marathon men's mini preview
  • Sam Parsons Sub 4 in Delaware
  • 93:24 Mark Conover RIP

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