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Big Name Kenyan Bust, Centro vs Ryun + Guest Dr. Madeline Manning Mims- The US 800m GOAT?

4 months ago

Running news for the running nerd.

Dr. Madeline Manning Mims, arguably the greatest 800m American runner, the 1968 Olympic champ, and someone until who last week we knew very little about is our guest at the 57:42 mark. Manning Mims in addition to her Olympic gold was the first American to run sub 2 minutes, she held the American record for 15 years, and won the US Olympic Trials 4 times in 1968, 1972, 1976 and 1980. She bridges the gap from Jesse Owens to Wilma Rudolph to Ajee Wilson. She’s now a chaplain who works with US Olympians. You can follow her on facebook here and see her giving an Easter concert from her garage for her neighbors during the COVID-19 shutdown. A nice bio on her is here.

Prior to Manning Mims we talk drugs, virtual drug testing, possible Olympic bribery, American greats, soccer players running 5ks, threads of the week and more. Detailed show notes below.

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Show notes:
2:24 Virtual Drug Testing
6:46 Another big-name Kenyan tests positive, London Marathon Champ Daniel Wanjiru. Asbel Kiprop update
17:14 Japan Olympic bribery?
24:05 Great American Distance Runner of All Time: Matthew Centrowitz vs Jim Ryun
34:46 Galen Rupp v Ryan Hall
Threads of Week:
36:49 How fast are pro soccer players (Jesse Lingard of Manchester United) running 5ks?
39:41 A new record from NYC to LA in a car. Guess their time before clicking
44:00 Lance Armstrong/Alberto/COVID talk/1904 Olympics
57:42 800m All-time great Madeline Manning
62:47 Track career started with physical fitness tests
67:55 Accidental 1st 800 was an indoor world record
73:58 College and not knowing "Skeeter" aka Wilma Rudolph
79:26 1968 Olympic gold + reception back home + not being a millionaire
87:01 Other Olympics
95:24 Getting beat by dopers and being told to dope
100:12 Running 1:57.9, getting faster with age
105:25 Could she beat Ajee Wilson?
107:08 Intersex women in 800 today
113:36 1980 Olympic boycott/Mentoring athletes today and what she is telling them about Tokyo postponement

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