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2021 Predictions + Supershoes with Geoff Burns

5 months ago

Your running and track and field fix.

Happy New Year. We talk about a thrilling Hakone Ekiden, the pro track season that is shaping up, athletes switching sponsors, getting dropped, and retiring, before looking ahead to 2021 and giving our predictions.

Then we are joined by **Geoff Burns** @ 73:26 to discuss the super shoe revolution. Geoff was the 2016 USATF 100km champion, has a PhD in kinesiology, and is a post-doctoral research fellow at the Michigan Performance Research Lab in the Exercise and Sports Science Initiative.

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  • Show notes:
  • 3:22 Hakone Ekiden (shoes worn here)
  • 18:45 Indoor Track is Here /XC Season Shaping Up
  • 26:31 Athletes Switching Sponsors / Getting Dropped (Ryan Hill, Molly Seidel, Ben True) 39:28 Kyle Merber retires
  • 44:39 2021 Predictions: (Houlihan,Brazier, Coburn, Tokyo)
  • 58:56 Jon's bold prediction
  • 63:55 Men's 100m
  • 73:26 Geoff Burns

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