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Big Tipper & Special Guest Des Linden + Wilson Kipsang Ban, Rhonex Kipruto WR, Rupp Has a Coach

2 years ago

Des Linden reveals herself as our $50 tipper.

The wait is over. 2018 Boston Marathon Champ Des Linden is revealed as the $50 tipper to the the show (100% of the tips are still going to Jonathan Gault. Give your one time or monthly subscription tip here)

Des surprised Jon on Rojo as a guest on the show and stayed to talk her incredible career for 57 minutes: Olympic Trials, winning Boston, advice for LetsRun.com and more.

Then we talked Mike Smith being Galen Rupp’s new coach, Evan Jager being super motivated, Clayton Murphy returning to his roots, Mary Cain returning to the track, the Wilson Kipsang suspension, the Jama Aden raid, Rhonex Kipruto’s world record in the 10k on the roads, debate whether the world marathon records may be taken off the books, and end with London Marathon talk.

Start: Special guest Des Linden
57:50 Galen Rupp has a new coach
74:30 Evan Jager MOTIVATED
78:16 Clayton Murphy and Lee Labadie
81:02 Mary Cain back on the track
91:20 Wilson Kipsang suspended
96:34 Jama Aden update
101:33 Rhonex Kipruto world 10k record
104:43 Could marathon world records be taken off books?
107:17 London Marathon pro fields 2020

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