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Poopgate, Keely Hodgkinson 1:57, Guest Shane Streich - American Record Holder at 1000m

1 year ago

New American record holder in the 1,000m Shane Streich joins us in the Where Your Dreams Become Reality segment at 64:53 to discuss his quick rise to the top of the pro ranks.

Prior to that we break down the latest running news including 19-year-old Keely Hodgkinson running faster than anyone in 20 years at 800 indoors, Camille Herron beating all the men and the women's world record at the USATF 100 mile champs, the Bowerman Track Club only running 1 athlete at USA Indoors. We start with the biggest thing in running and an international incident - Flagstaff Poopgate.

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Pete Julian Nike Union Athletics Club Coaches Tour video here Joe Bosshard Team Boss Coches Tour video here

  • Show notes:
  • Start - Flagstaff Poopgate
  • 12:14 Email of the week: Pros in Boulder not doing much better
  • 15:02 Keely Hodgkinson 1:57 *video here
  • 24:21 Bowerman Track Club only one athlete at USA Indoors
  • 32:44 Cole Hocker running 1500 & 3000, Cooper Teare in 1500 only
  • 37:01 Elaine Thompson Herah gets beat
  • 38:09 RIP Roddie Haley *Doug Consiglio Post #1, #2
  • 44:33 Jon pats himself on back for Gudaf Tsegay 3:54 1500
  • 47:13 Camille Herron breaks 100m World Record, wins USATF 100 Men's and Women's Titles
  • 51:21 Sara Hall's Tokyo, NYC, Boston spring triple
  • 58:18 Mo Farah back racing
  • 64:53 Dreams Become Reality Interview with Shane Streich

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