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Sha'Carri's Big Win in Doha, Tuohy, Andrews, Burns @ Track Fest, Lyles @ Atlanta City Games, Guest Jesse Williams

6 months ago

We breakdown all the weekend action starting with Doha and Sha'Carri Richardson's big win, Lamecha Girma's fine form, and Michael Norman bombing. Then we discuss the Sound Running Track Fest and Katelyn Tuohy "struggling" to the #2 NCAA time ever, Josette Andrews big win, Connor Burns breaking Galen Rupp's 5000m high school record, and a few other breakout stars.

Rest in Peace Tori Bowie. The track and field world lost one of its stars way too early. Life is precious and can get better. If you are struggling, there is help out there, call 988 in the US or visit https://988lifeline.org/

Then it's the adidas Atlanta City Games, which had amazing visuals and a big win for Noah Lyles over Erriyon Knighton but only 6000 viewers live on Youtube.

Then at 105:48 Sound Running founder Jesse Williams joins us to give us a debrief of his meet, talk about how he has been able to get the best distance fields in the US, talk about the difficulty of getting fans to a meet in the US, and discuss whether Mt. Sac should host the Olympic Trials.

Links: Sound Running Website

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  • Show notes: 0:00 Burrito Track Club shirts $13. Use code BURRITO @ shop.letsrun.com
  • 06:27 DOHA - Sha'Carri gets the big win
  • 16:32 Big Winners- Lamecha Girma, Diribe Welteji, Tim Cheruiyot?
  • 24:55 American steepler update - Coburn falls and bombs, Constein injured
  • 27:03 BIggest loser in Doha - Michael Norman
  • 28:38 Track Fest - Katelyn Tuohy 15:03
  • 42:09 Josette Andrews impresses - a new star?
  • 45:59 Joselyn Brea breaks 30 year-old S. American 5000m record
  • 48:25 Yared Nuguse with big 800 PB and win
  • 57:23 Ollie Hoare MIA
  • 01:00:37 Connor Burns breaks Galen Rupp's high school 5000m record
  • 01:03:56 Cooper Teare wins 5000
  • 01:08:11 Centro in "B" race what does it mean?
  • 01:13:30 Krissy Gear impressed in steeple
  • 01:16:24 Kenneth Rooks men's steeple win
  • 01:19:15 Young brothers skipped meet for high school prom
  • 01:24:39 RIP Tori Bowie
  • 01:30:56 adidas Atlanta City Games - amazing backdrops, great match-ups and only 6000 live viewers
  • 01:33:00 Noah Lyles convincing win over Erriyon Knighton
  • 01:45:48 Jesse Williams - Sound Running Founder and meet director of Track Fest
  • 01:46:48 Jesse's debrief on the meet - fast times, more people, bigger stadium= poor visuals
  • 02:00:14 PPV stream
  • 02:03:21 adidas meet only had 6000 viewers
  • 02:03:44 Prize purse
  • 02:10:28 Drug testing costs $10,000 and praise for USATF
  • 02:24:28 Should Mt. Sac host the Olympic trials?

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