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Gobble, Gobble: Post NCAA Cross Country Turkey Trot Pod

10 months ago

Analysis of the 2019 NCAA Cross Country Champs and we give thanks

Rojo and Jon are back from NCAAs and they break down the action on and off the course. Plus, a look at the NCAA cross country teams and performances of the decade. Our weekly Alberto Salazar segment features Jordan Hasay, we discuss if Eliud Kipchoge should have won World Athlete of the Year, and why was Brigid Kosgei snubbed. Plus message board threads of week, the cheating New England Patriots and Jon’s fan at NCAAs.

Show notes 6:15 NCAA men’s: BYU “upsets” NAU
14:21 Rojo buys a pair of running shoes/ weekly Vaporfly talk
26:23 Arkansas women complete triple crown/ more NCAA men talk
40:10 NCAA teams of the decade
48:06 Weekly Alberto Salazar segment- Jordan Hasay defends Alberto
53:29 World Athletes of Year: Dalilah Muhammad and Eliud Kipchoge. Donavan Brazier USATF Athlete of Year.
59:59 Valencia Marathon Preview/ Joshua Cheptegei going for 10k road world record
63:26 Rojo’s favorite message board threads of week:
*How would HS team do at NCAAs?
-10 coldest cities in the World.
-Is it harder to succeed in the business world being distance runner because you have the appearance of a skinny weak person
-Only in America: Mayor Pete got 8,515 votes in his last election
66:15 Is Paula Radcliffe qualified to coach?
68:49 Cowboys Patriots
71:48 Jon’s fan at NCAAs

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