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Marathon Project Champs Martin Hehir and Sara Hall (and Scott Fauble) Talk The Marathon Project

4 months ago

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

We have a jammed packed show to tide you over for Christmas . Three specials guests from The Marathon Project join the pod.

First up @ 20:00 in a segment sponsored by Polar and its The Road Forward** docuseries on HOKA NAZ Elite's Scott Fauble,** we're joined by Faubs after his 2:09:42 run. Faubs talks delusions, dreams, and redemption after the Olympic Trials.

Men's winner Martin Hehir of the Reebok Boston Track Club joins us @ 65:46 and talks about being a husband, a dad, in medical school, treating covid patients, and the 2:08:59 winner of The Marathon Project.

Women's winner Sara Hall of Asics @ 102:13 talks about her 2:20:32 dominant win that made her the 2nd fastest American marathoner of all-time and her incredible fall of 2020.

Prior to the interviews, the crew breaks down The Marathon Project, Millrose being cancelled and the 2020 indoor season, David Rudisha being done, a Japanese high school girl running 14:37, and Rojo being back on the pod.

Podcast is sponsored by Polar: Watch: Scott’s Fauble’s Journey for Redemption at The Marathon Project from Polar After a crushing 12th place finish at the US Marathon Trials, Scott Fauble was forced to ask himself “what do I do now”? Watch Scott come face-to-face with self-doubt, an old injury, and the quest for motivation as he trains and races at The Marathon Project, where he went sub 2:10 (2:09:42) to get his career back on track. The Road Forward is not just Scott’s story, it’s every runner’s story. Presented by Polar. Watch now

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