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Emma Bates - America's Newest Marathon Star (Guest)

7 months ago

We catch up with Emma Bates after she ran 2:24:20 to finish second at the Chicago Marathon and become the ninth-fastest American woman of all time. Bates ran through her race strategy and why most of her Team Boss teammates flew out to Chicago to cheer her on in-person. She also discusses her painful divorce, which caused her to relocate from Idaho to Boulder and begin training under Joe Bosshard, and how she was able to navigate that period of her life and emerge stronger. Bates also wants to run the World Championship marathon next year in Eugene...but nine months out from race day, she’s still waiting on USATF to let her know how it is picking the team.

  • Show notes:
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  • 14:46 When did she know she'd be a marathoner? Running 120 mile weeks at altitude
  • 18:21 Her Team Boss teammates supporting her in Chicago
  • 23:09 Marathon Project struggles / going through a divorce
  • 27:41 Joining Team Boss
  • 33:29 2022 Plans

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Bates' instagram recap of the Chicago Marathon is here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CU_D7M-rAw4/

Recap of her Marathon Project run here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CKmd8SGH46-/

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