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Olympic Track Trials Halftime Podcast - What A *@#$@ Meet

5 months ago

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We're halfway through the US Olympic Track and Field Trials and we look back and look forward. Show notes below.

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Show notes:

  • 6:20 Brazier still OUT
  • 16:28 It's going to be HOT 2nd half of Trials - what happens with 10k
  • 21:50 Women's 1500: Heather Maclean's crazy path to Olympics
  • 34:18 Listened Audio of the Week: New Balance sweep
  • 39:30 Round 1 of Women's 800 is crazy: Ajee Wilson ok or worried?!
  • 47:16 Rojo's mini rant on Houlihan case
  • 57:04 International Talk and Kenyan Trials
  • 68:38 Men's 1500 and Centro, Hawker, Nuguse, Kessler is here
  • 83:08 Women's steeple final preview: Coburn, Frerichs and Who? Does Grayson Murphy have a chance?
  • 87:28 Fans, Covid, Track Meets and Rojo's passport
  • 93:22 Fake Josh Kerr audio
  • 95:57 Crazy Email of week on Shelby Houlihan case

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