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What's a Major? Rules for Runners, Newbury Park, Backyard Ultra, and Guest Jordan Tropf

8 months ago

Tropf ran 3 marathons in 3 days averaging 2:30:30

There were some really fast and deep times at the Amsterdam and Rotterdam marathons, we do a little Boston Marathon trivia, discuss what really is a World Marathon Major, have an email of the week, some rules for runners, a little Backyard ultra discussion, and of course Shalane Flanagan World Marathon Major talk.

We start with a voicemail from the Secret Service and end with an interview @ 56:12 with Jordan Tropf, the Baltimore orthopedic resident, who ran the Baltimore (2:27:23), Chicago (2:31:54), and Boston (2:32:13) marathons in 3 days, averaging an incredible 2:30:30.

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