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2 World Records Fall, World Half Here We Come, UMinn Track & A Cougar Attacks

3 months ago

Letesenbet Gidey (14:06.62) and Joshua Cheptegei (26:11:00) have broken the women's 5000 and men's 10,000 in Valenia - but should the new marks discounted because of the new technology that was used?

Who is the men's track and field MVP of 2020 - Mondo Duplantis or Joshua Cheptegei?

Sifan Hassan gets a lot of attention this week as after running 29:36 she weirdly pulled out of the World Half Champs. What events should she do in Tokyo? 1500/5k, 5k/10k or 1500/10k? Speaking of the World Half, it's time to get excited as the fields are STACKED and the race is this weekend so we preview that.

A cougar has attacked a runner in Utah and we talk about this as know this actually happened unlike the bear attack from earlier in the summer.

We also have lots of NCAA talk. The University of Minnesota men's track team has been saved and the biggest meet of the 2020 NCAA xc season is this weekend as BYU, NAU and Colorado are all running at the Oklahoma State Invitational.

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Here are some links we talked about this week.

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