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Sprint Drama & NCAAs: 400m Hurdles & Sub 4 High School Madness, Ethiopian 10k Champs

1 year ago

What a week. 3 high schoolers (Gary Martin, Connor Burns, Rheinhardt Harrison) went sub-4 in the mile in the same week with 2 in the same race! We had 2 men go sub 8 in the same steeple for the first time since 2012, we had some 400m hurdle madness from Sydney McLaughlin and Karsten Warholm for every different reasons, a Scot beat all the Ethiopians at the 10,000m champs, and right before this podcast recorded major twitter drama broke out between Sha'Carri Richardson and Rae Edwards.

Plus the NCAA Track and Field Championships are this week.

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  • Start - 3 high school sub 4s in a week
  • 9:29 400m hurdles craziness - Sydney McLaughlin's doesn't count, Karsten Warholm has an ice bag on his hamstring before race is over
  • 25:04 Men's steeple in Rabat was amazing. We get 2 sub 8's in the 1st race since 2012 / Jager not running Rome / The "British" model not followed in Rabat
  • 36:07 Ethiopian 10,000m Women's Trials - Eilish McColgan wins, Y2 and Almaz Ayana don't make teams
  • 44:04 Jon shows his hatred for Scottish and Welsh people and Americans
  • 46:46 Men's 10,000m talk
  • 56:08 NCAAs start Wednesday- Mini Preview- Nico Young and Katelyn Tuohy going for NCAA titles #1
  • 66:50 Raes Take and Sha'Carri Richardson go to war- drug accusations and more
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