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Monaco Diamond League Preview + Ok State Coach Dave Smith on NCAA XC 2020

5 months ago

Not to mention a caller goes off on the BTC

Herculis Monaco Diamond League, the greatest one day track meet of 2020 is here. Joshua Cheptegei is after Bekele's 5k WR, Donavan Brazier his own American record, what about Obiri vs Hassan vs Gidey? + Noah Lyles, Mondo Duplantis, Grant Halloway and more.

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Guest Dave Smith, the Oklahoma State cross country coach, joins us at 54:08 and says practice is underway and his team intends on competing in 2020. There will be a race November 21 in Stillwater, the only question is if it will be the NCAA Champs.

Show notes:
4:25 Chepetegi after Bekele's WR
15:09 Rojo's Rant + Women's 5k: Obiri vs Hassan vs Gidey
24:20 Donavan Brazier American record attempt?
29:38 Raevyn Rogers & Zombie NOP
39:03 Audio of the Week: Listener Goes off on Bowerman Track Club
40:37 Sondre Moen breaks 1 hour European record or does he?
52:08 Oklahoma State Coach Dave Smith on NCAA XC 2020, getting to the top, staying there, being a father and more

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