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New York and Berlin Marathons Cancelled, Nico Young 13:50 5k, Duane Solomon Retires

7 months ago

Running and track and field news

The Fargo North Dakota and Hamburg Marathon may be a go but the running world took a blow with Boston and New York City both being cancelled.

Nico Young tried to break Galen Rupp’s high school 5k record with Galen in attendance, Mo Farah is returning to the track, Duane Solomon has officially retired, and of course some COVID 19 talk.

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Show notes:
0:00 NYC & Berlin cancelled, Hamburg Marathon planning on being held
12:48 Why not an elite NYC race?
18:20 Nico Young 13:50 5k, Galen Rupp in attendance
30:47 Mo Farah returning to the track in Brussels, more COVID talk as New York quarantines Texas
37:52 Atlanta Track Club vs Oregon Track Club
43:11 Christian Coleman’s missed test
47:37 Dick Buerkel former world indoor mile record holder dies
49:38 Duane Solomon retires
56:24 Cancel Yale?

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