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Who would you rather be (Josh Kerr or Jake Wightman)? Paris Olympic standards announced, Solinsky to Oregon?

3 months ago

Diana Kipyokei is officially out as Boston Marathon champ and Edna Kiplagat is in as a two-time champ. Is Chris Solinsky in as an Oregon coach?

The Fake Josh Kerr calls in, we discuss the new Olympic qualifying standards, and who would you rather be Josh Kerr (Olympic bronze medallist) or Jake Wightman (World Champ)?

Plus of course a little World Cup talk. Show notes below.

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  • Show notes:
  • 1:34 Great last second gift- The Runner Box.com *use this link to save $10
  • 5:04 World Cup celebrations (video, 2) / what if they refused to take the penalty kicks?
  • 13:00 How fast could Messi run a 5k?
  • 18:41 Fake Josh Kerr talks Seth Demoor
  • 22:00 Chall Hall (Ryan's brother) 62:45 half marathon, Josh Kerr 63:45
  • 27:09 Reminder Jake Wightman won Worlds!
  • 29:17 Who would you rather be Jake Wightman (World Champ) or Josh Kerr (Olympic bronze medallist)?
  • 34:50 Paris Olympic qualifying standards announced - who is fine and who gets screwed? *article
  • 47:11 Will standards diminish importance of Olympic Track Trials in US?
  • 51:54 USATF bungled disqualifying Olympic marathon trials bid from Chattanooga because of conflict of interest LRC article RW article
  • 66:47 Breaking - Edna Kiplagat won the 2021 Boston Marathon (because of drug suspension)
  • 71:02 Thread: Jimmy Gressier goes ballistic when he learns Turkish/Kenyan Kaya doped
  • 77:56 Chris Solinsky going to coach at Oregon?

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